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End-to-end supply chain management and visibility

Automatic suggestion and assignment of partner LSPs

Here is a smart way to automate your delivery partner management.

With the LSP Selector System, you can create custom formulae to assign the best transporter to a given order. You can decide based on route, TAT, delivery cost, and even LSP’s past performance.

Live updates from LSPs, Airlines, and Railway

LogiCloud is integrated with 35+ leading transporters, FlightAware, and Indian Railways to give you seamless visibility of your deliveries.

Transportation is rarely a one-medium activity and never exclusive to one partner. LogiCloud is built to be the hub of all movement related information. No longer do you need to visit multiple portals for an update, instead get a complete picture from all sources in one place.

Live data from 20+ GPS service provides

Get streams of location data from multiple vendors, ensuring a detailed and near real-time understanding of your movement.

Simply access LogiCloud, which pulls data from all GPS vendors being used across your moving fleet and displays them onto one map interface. It goes much further, you can analyse and compare the performance of each vendor and even set geo-fences and smart alerts.

Complete reverse logistics cycle

Reverse movement is both expensive and time-consuming, but it is essential to your business. To make it as streamlined as your forward movement, LogiCloud offers a comprehensive reverse management process. Import a reverse request from your ERP or generate it from within LogiCloud; track reverse progress on the move; and get visibility from warehouses post drop.

Delivery app for self and partners

If a partner of yours doesn’t have proper management technology or if you have an in-house delivery team, respective delivery agents can use this free app instead.

This app, along with a connected web-portal, is a fully functional delivery management system that lets agents track their delivery progress and even take PODs. Your partner LSPs / logistics department can access either with designated logins and access data only relevant to them.

Proactive service predictability

Get the complete picture with analytics

Make more informed decisions with the help of drill down dashboards.

The real benefit of a system, such as LogiCloud, is not in record keeping, but with the analysis you can do with it. Get detailed visibility of your forward and reverse movement, POD quality, LSP performance, and much more.

Estimation of delivery TAT

It’s a small yet essential detail that lets you make accurate customer commitments.

LogiCloud does several calculations in the backend to present a simple to read report that provides a prediction on delays. You can use this information to identify roadblocks in operations and react accordingly in real-time.

Auto alerts for delays and deviations

In unpredictable situations, LogiCloud can instantly notify all concerned parties (including your customers).

GPS data inconsistency

Vehicle route deviation

Sensor range exceeded

PocketParcel customer update app

Chances are, your customers are businesses themselves who also require detailed delivery updates. This custom-branded app can do that on your behalf.

PocketParcel Tracker is directly connected to your LogiCloud account and lets your customers track their orders without having to contact you. They can even rate deliveries, give feedback on quality, provide PODs, and even request for return (in case there is an issue).

Delivery quality analysis and audit

Proof of Delivery gallery

Instantly and visually confirm the completion of your order cycles

Customisable LSP scorecard

Let LogiCloud do the hard work of quantifying the performance of your delivery partners.

From delivery timeliness, average cost, reliability, to even promptness in responding to requests, you can configure several parameters to rank your partners. This in turn helps you to understand which partners best service you. Over time, you can understand trends of transporter reliability and accordingly choose whom to trust with more deliveries.

POD audit for billing quality

Make your LSPs accountable by auditing their deliveries, which also lets you streamline your billing cycles.

Quickly sift through the images and signatures captured as part of the delivery process and determine whether they match the standards you promise to your customers. There are two types of audits available, POD integrity and delivery quality.

Desktop app for bulk POD management

Chances are, you have thousands of PODs to audit in a month, with this Windows app you can archive, process, and audit them offline.

Network capacity can vary, in which case, it makes sense for your operations team to download a bulk of PODs in the background beforehand and begin their audit. All statuses and comments get synced as when Internet connectivity is available.

Interconnected ecosystem

Integrated with E-way Billing and GST systems

LogiCloud can automatically generate both Part A and B of E-way bills for all your movement. Also, it can use your GST number to keep your tax records of relevant operations in proper order.

LogiCloud is among the few systems in the country deeply integrated with GSTN. This enables you to get direct access to both government systems without the need for complex integrations and length approvals or whitelisting.

Pay vendors without visiting multiple bank portals

You can link multiple back accounts, across leading banks, to LogiCloud and issue payments independently or corresponding to operations.

All you need is a contract and a bank account to get started. Add your account details and begin transacting. Add beneficiaries on the fly (who are not bank dependent) and even set scheduled payments. You can make partial payments and even set up an approval hierarchy to ensure accountability of money exchange.

Recharge toll tags and fuel cards

If you are a 3PL, or you reimburse partner fleets directly, these modules can let you utilise multiple toll and fuel service providers in one screen.

Register your centralised mother accounts for toll and fuel and recharge individual tags/cards, keeping your fleet always up and running.

There’s more…

15+ years of industry knowledge

LogiCloud is built by the makers of WebXpress, a leading enterprise system for the supply chain industry.

LogiCloud benefits from a deep domain experience coming from research and interaction with customers and industry leaders. The team that designed LogiCloud considered typical issues faced by our customers’ customers.

Built on world class technology

Hosted on Microsoft Azure; secured by Active Directory B2C; stored on Document DB and Blob; data monitoring using Streaming Analytics; analyses provided with Machine Learning and presented in Power BI; front-end designed using Bootstrap.

LogiCloud comes with the best credentials to be your technology partner. It is built to handle a dynamic workload and store unlimited* data. Also, it comes with a robust list of APIs to connect with most systems, to help you enhance your current infrastructure, not replace it.

Strong in-house backend team

LogiCloud is more than just technology. It comes with a full fleet of developers, product specialists, and support staff to continually improve the platform and provide the best support to you.

We passionately believe in the mission of LogiCloud, i.e. to be your eyes in the supply chain maze. For this reason, we have invested in a team to be ready to assist you, whether you face an issue or have an inquiry. Our developers look forward to enabling integrations and our project managers have targets to add useful features.

The future of systems for decades to come

LogiCloud is priced on a transaction basis, it gets regular updates and patches, and it can handle any usage load, all thanks its SaaS architecture.

Large upfront investments are a practice of the past; with LogiCloud you not only get a quick deployment but also a practical monthly usage charge, entirely based on your usage trends. When a new feature is added in LogiCloud help a specific type of customer, it is made in a way to be useful to all other customers. Finally, being a SaaS, LogiCloud frees you of any binding commitments; all hosting and technical responsibilities are borne by us, so you can use our platform for as long (or little) as you require.

* In LogiCloud, order records, POD/POA and signature images, and GPS streams are regarded as data. Since data is linked to transactions, there is no upload limit. Also, while data is stored indefinitely, it is archived after three months to maintain the platform’s standard performance levels. Archived data can be easily retrieved the same way as current data, with no additional steps.